Associate Strategy Director

Brooklyn, NY Full-time

Associate Strategy Director, Big Spaceship in Brooklyn

There are three reasons why the strategically hungry come to Brooklyn’s Big Spaceship: to break free from thinking-by-department, to get closer to making, and to work with clients striving to recalibrate their business around digital.

We believe how you do makes what you do. That’s why we sit in teams, not departments. That’s why we have values, not rules. That’s why we discuss our personal aspirations for projects before they start.

Our approach led Fast Company to list us in the “World’s Ten Most Innovative Advertising Companies”, and Ad Age and Crain’s to have repeatedly listed us in Best Places to Work. It’s an approach we’re applying to communications and product work right now.

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What we need in you

We’re currently looking for a curious, down-to-earth, jargon-free strategist with over 8 years experience.


Here’s what we need in you:

    1. You like brands - you get excited and inspired to do good work for ambitious brands
    2. You grew up digital – this isn’t about spending every waking hour on Twitter. It’s about showing that you’ve played with a lot of the digital world, that you’ve experimented and learned – sometimes for work, sometimes for the sake of it.
    3. You can tell a story - You understand narrative structure and can shape and reshape our content and work to ensure that is impactful and human. You can also package and present a compelling story.
    4. You can manage a team – you can inspire and manage a group of strategists and strategic thinkers from multiple disciplines.
    5. You can work with fellow digital grown-ups – we’re an eclectic mix of designers, technologists, strategists, producers and analysts, trying to achieve something new and powerful together.
    6. You love this stuff -  stories of innovation, trends and topics that inspires you both online and offline. We want a person who keeps the team inspired, curious and open-minded.


The skills you’ll bring

Few people are experts in all of the areas below. When you apply, let us know which are your strengths.

  1. Strategy – You’ll be able to show examples of how you’ve wrestled to understand business problems, to find provocative insights, and to create strategies that have ideas.
  2. Brand planning – You’ll know the fundamentals of brand planning and how they can be applied to shape (or be shaped by) digital and social.
  3. Ideas – You’ll have them and help the team have them.
  4. Data Literacy – You’ll know what numbers actually matter and how to tell a compelling story with them.
  5. Social media and content – You’ll understand what’s happening online and why, you’ll be able to research it all and create content that sticks.
  6. Communications and experience planning – You’ll know how to orchestrate an idea so that it doesn’t just launch and… then nothing. And you’ll be able to develop people-centric experience plans (or customer journeys).

Bonus points if you can rock any of these

  1. 8+ years doing the above
  2. Writing – You’ll need to write stuff for Big Spaceship
  3. Talking and teaching – We want you educating others and building a profile
  4. Recommendations on your LinkedIn profile